Vienna (German: Wien, Austro-Bavarian: Wean) is the capital of the Republic of Austria. It is by far the largest city in Austria with its population of more than 1.7 million, as well as its cultural, economic, and political centre. As such, it has a vibrant nightlife scene with friendly people.  No matter who you are, there's probably a night spot that will suit your desires!

Electronic Music VenuesEdit

  • Fluc, Praterstern 5, [1] Not exclusively electronic music, but tends to host large electronic music nights.  The concept is to host parties and concerts without entrance fees upstairs and with moderate admission for club nights and concerts downstairs. The thick concrete walls are a reminder that the venue is converted pedestrian passage.
  • Pratersauna, Waldsteingartenstraße 135, [2]   A former sauna in Vienna’s Prater has rapidly developed into one of the city’s most prominent clubs.  Inside the Pratersauna, several floors operate at the same time; people can also dance right next to the cold plunge pool of the former sauna. The music ranges from Minimal Techno to electronic live acts. In summer, the parties spill out onto the garden and terrace.
  • Rhiz, Lerchenfelder Gürtel, , Stadtbahnbögen 37-38, [3]  Concerts are held here several times a week for an audience with an interest in electronic music.  DJs play to the bar with an eclectic, in parts difficult, but always passionate selection of music, while people also dance on the tables here at the weekends to beats and basses.
  • Grelle Forelle, Spittelauer Lände 12, [4]  A booking here does not offer mainstream artists, but famous names from the underground. The international DJs regularly play to a full house on Fridays and Saturdays - the club is closed for the rest of the week.  Admission from 21 years of age only and no photography allowed.
  • Cafe Leopold, Museumsplatz 1, [5]  Part of the Leopold museum, this venue is a cafe during the day, and bar / nightclub on the weekends.  While one might not think an eloquently decorated museum cafe would be a place DJs would be dropping beats, think again!  Get there early, otherwise there will be a large line to enter.  


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